Stewards Share Skills, Build Ties

Stewards from across Local 2013 gathered in late September for the first Steward Education Day in the local’s history.

Almost 50 stewards from nearly 30 shops came together at the meeting, hosted at the New York Taxi Workers Alliance space in Queens. Stewards are the frontline representatives of the union. They defend their co-workers every day and mobilize them into action.

Representing both warehouse/distribution and healthcare sectors in Local 2013, stewards learned new techniques for building power and solving problems at the worksite.

In a session about respect on the job, stewards discussed incidents where supervisors disrespected union members. One team put on a short performance drawing from a real incident where a manager intimidated a steward and cursed at her during a meeting. Participants brainstormed different ways of addressing the situation and tried them out in a performance.

Victor Nomberto from Cumberland Packing said he was grateful for the opportunity to meet other stewards from different facilities and share experiences with them. He challenged stewards to volunteer to get more involved in the union.

President Mark Carotenuto congratulated stewards on stepping forward as leaders in Local 2013, and emphasized that the steward’s role is one of the most important in the union.